MPhys notes

During my Masters degree in Theoretical Physics, at the University of Manchester, I have typed out most of my lecture notes. Year 1s notes are just revision notes, year 2s notes are structured more as small topics, and Year 3 as whole subjects. The later years notes (i.e. 3 and 4) are typeset in LaTeX, and the earlier stuff in Word. But this isn't a stuck-to-rule.
These notes are based upon my time in the School of Physics & Astronomy, at Manchester University; during the period Sept '05 - June '09.

Listed notes are only those modules that (a) I took, and (b) I bothered to type out.

On the right is a list of modules, split into Years, ordered alphabetically. Click on the Year link to go to that year; then take it from there.


All these notes come with a health warning: if you use these as your sole source of information, then you are being unbelievably idiotic. You must use books & proper lecture notes. Given that, please be aware that there may exist many mistakes in any given document.