MPhys notes: year 2

These "year 2 notes" are from when I did my second year: Sept 2006-June 2007. Hence, the corresponding courses may be different/irelevant to those running now. Most of these notes are separated into topics (which isn't very clever, I know, but thats due to my bad technique in second year). However, for some subjects I also made a summary.

course lecturer download comments
Atoms & nuclei Dr.S.Soldner-Rembold Semester 2
Complex variables and integral transforms Dr.W.Parnell Summary Semester 2
Electromagnetism Dr.D.Bailey Summary Semester 1
Fluid dynamics Prof.D.Abrahams Summary Semester 2
Fundamentals of quantum mechanics Prof.A.Bray Semester 1
Lagrangian dynamics Dr.G.Vekstein Semester 1
Maths of waves & fields Prof.M.Birse Semester 1
Thermal & statistical physics Prof.R.Bishop Summary Semester 2
Wave optics Dr.D.Binks Semester 2