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What I'm up to (physics)

I am currently a post-doc researcher at The University of Nottingham in the particle theory group. Before that, I was a post-doc at Durham University in the Mathematical Sciences department, and before that I finished a PhD at JBCA, University of Manchester in theoretical cosmology. My thesis was a mixture of analytical and numerical work under the supervision of Prof. Richard Battye.

Research interests

  • Models of dark energy and modified gravity: constructing a general formalism for parameterizing modified gravity and constructing an effective field theory for perturbations and their possible gravitational effects.
  • Inhomogeneous universes: central configurations, discrete Newtonian cosmology
  • Solitons constructing gauged cosmic vortons, rings and knots, domain walls networks.

Teaching and supervision

  • Supervised:
    • James Edholm: summer student, modified gravity, Durham 2014
    • Peter Cutell: MPhys and twice summer student, domain wall networks, Manchester 2011-12 (now PhD student at KCL)
    • John Bone: MPhys, domain wall networks, Manchester, 2011-12
    • Jeremy Tabick: MPhys, cosmic string evolution, Manchester, 2012
    • Difu Shi: MPhys, cosmic string evolution, Manchester, 2012 (now PhD student at Durham)
  • Whilst in Durham I tutored general relativity, quantum field theory, and cosmology in the Particle Theory MSc degree
  • Whilst in Manchester I gave undergrad tutorials to groups of 5 students: Maths 1, Maths 2, Electricity and Magnetism, Dynamics, Introduction to Astronomy and Cosmology, Data Analysis, Properties of Matter.

Non-physics stuff I do

Other than physics (its not like physics actually takes up my whole life), I like to do other things.
I'm also a christian, I go to churches in whatever city I find myself in. I've helped out at Lee Abbey Youth Camps and at the youth group at IvyManchester: Thirst. Being a christian and physicist is quite interesting, presenting lots of ways to challenge my faith - making life a little more dynamic!

Did you know that the guy who invented the Big Bang theory was a Priest?

If you think you understand it, you probably havnt thought about it properly.

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